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  • Sleep Physician Consultations
  • Diagnostic Testing
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Established in 1975 as the Association of Sleep Disorders Centers, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is the only professional society dedicated exclusively to the medical subspecialty of sleep medicine.

As the leading voice in the sleep field, the AASM sets standards and promotes excellence in sleep medicine health care, education and research. The AASM has a combined membership of 10,000 accredited member sleep centers and individual members, including physicians, scientists and other health care professionals.

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WV Sleep Centers is a full service comprehensive sleep center. We provide sleep physician consultations, diagnostic testing and treatment services for all sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia.

Sleep disorders can be extremely difficult to treat and manage without a specialist. Sleep apnea is a life-long diagnosis that needs to be well-managed to be successful with treatment. By allowing our board certified sleep physician to take ownership of your sleep problem, you will have access to the newest cutting-edge technologies and treatments available.